ai technology

We hear a lot about artificial intelligence and its prowess. However, the way it works is often misunderstood. This article will help you to better understand the principles on which AI is based, as well as the issues related to its development.

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data marketing

Data Marketing or Data-Driven Marketing is a tool that has revolutionized how customer acquisition and retention are practiced in a modern sense while still managing to leave many small and large businesses behind as they struggle to understand how this tool can work for them and how to harness the power of big data sets without having to undertake extensive training programs, realignment and learning new models. In fact, it is the perceived complexity of data-driven marketing that has stood in the path of a wider spread adoption rather than the inherent difficulty of implementing these strategies themselves. Read More →

register trademark

Registration of a trademark offers effective protection of your goods/services against illegal competition. A trademark promises a consistent quality to customers and also helps the public to better identify your company.

In fact, part of the value of companies is becoming more and more linked to their trademarks. However, you must realise that registration of a trademark (trademark attorney monaco) is done according to strict rules which must be scrupulously followed. An overview of the basic procedure for registration of a trademark.
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seo nice

Your success in ecommerce relies heavily on the specific strategies, tactics and processes that you undertake and it is vital for you to have a team that is well equipped to help you set and achieve all of your business marketing goals.

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cv internet

A portfolio on the web is an original way to stand out and present your creations and projects. In addition to your resume, include your informative watch, access to your projects, your benefit rates if you want to practice as an independent or your wishes for employment. Read More →


One of the largest and fastest growing sectors is the technology industry. In this fascinating time of development and change, people who work in the technology business are finding exceptional opportunities for networking, learning, and adding new skills. By attending conferences in your field, you are opening your career and capabilities up to new and exciting opportunities.

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create website

I’m a freelancer who works in real estate, so it is key that I’m able to promote my activities and services easily to prospective employers.

These days, one of the best ways of doing that is by marketing your business through your own website. You may think that creating your own site is a complicated task, but it’s really not! Here’s my advice for starting yours! 😉 Read More →


Artificial intelligence is the science and practical application of computer systems and programming which allows computers to perform tasks in a more intelligent or “human-like” manner such as speech recognition, translation, decision-making and more. Read More →

Big data refers to sets of data that usually relate to how people interact and behave. These data sets are extremely voluminous, include many different types of data and need to be processed at high speeds. Therefore, big data cannot be effectively handled using traditional methods of processing. Typically, big data requires new, computer based methods of analysis to identify underlying trends and patterns. Cloud computing enables businesses to store a large volume of data and carry out big data tasks effectively.

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The event Connected + is a premier event held on Toronto where one can learn and create connections with the best and brightest in IoT. It is usually concerned with home technologies, latest innovations and connected consumer devices. The event is held to enlighten consumers on the latest technological devices to use in their homes, as well as how to use these devices.

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The world is generating unprecedented amounts of data on behaviors, engagements, tastes and much more.  But what should we do with all this information? Indeed, trying to make sense through analytics, informational technology, analyzing systems or grabbing the new talents who will understand today’s big data is a challenge for any company.Data marketing conference in Toronto is one of those events which give companies and businesses the golden rules to drive a Big Data efficient strategy. Read More →

Big data has become a major issue in today’s world. Put in place by web giants such as Google, Yahoo and Facebook, the idea is to access and analyse huge amounts of data. I am going to succinctly present to you the basic principles, as well as the key figures, and some of the technology used for Big Data. It is in essence taken from the website.

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